Commerce Coaching


We provide coaching in all subjects of  commerce especially economics and accounts. Our teaching methodology makes the subject easy for the students aside from sharing their general interest in the field. The Deep Knowledge of these subjects will help the aspirants to make their careers as CA , Managers , Accountants, Financiers and Economists. KTP is working to enhance commerce skill.

All Subjects Coaching

Upto class X

KTP provides coaching in all subjects to students  upto class X. the coaching is provided as per the individual needs of each student. We are very well aware that each child has different learning abilities and we focus on providing the best inputs so that it helps every student in  understanding each subject. KTP provide this facility for all the students.

Spoken English

For All Classes

English is a global language and is accepted and supported everywhere including India. Speaking in English makes a person looks more confident as this kind of interaction adds to our personality quite positively.Every individual wants to receive the best of education. and we at KTP cater to this need of students and try our best to enhance their communication skills and vocabulary.

Accounting is a field that involves recording transactions of a financial nature and subsequently summarizing, analyzing and reporting them, while economics is a branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. These fields are often confused with each other since they each enable a better understanding of the other field. While similar, accounting and economics are separate subjects with several differentiating factors.

Accounting operates according to the principles of relevance, timeliness, reliability, comparability and consistency of information or reports. Globally accepted standards are used by accountants belonging to any organization, firm, company or nation in order to facilitate a general understanding of a financial situation. It is for this reason that accounting is sometimes dubbed the "medium of communication between businesses." This communication is achieved through a key output of accounting, the financial statement, which records and showcases the performance and general financial status of an entity to all stakeholders and interested parties.